Sweater Jackets

he sweater jackets called the Great Sweaters are buttonless, wide sleeved, hip length jackets.

The small number of elements all of the Great Sweaters have in common is the shape, they are one-size-fits-all from size 4 to 18, a lack of fasteners, and a few stitch patterns.

I enjoy working with different colors and textures for the sheer fun of it. Yarns are collected over time I think initially it would be good to use in a garment. Which garment it will end up in, well..that's where the fun is.

Each one will have the look that says, "...as genuine as your own."

energy reading, and/or from personal objects the customer wishes to have reflected in the design and color pallet.This becomes a truly original, wearable art garment.

Sizes for custom designs are specific to the wearer.

The execution time from agreement is three months. If this is a gift, appropriate planning is recommended. The price for a hip length jacket is $3,500.00 plus reading.

A personal, wearable art garment that says"...as genuine as your own."


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Visit Allison L. Williams Hill's In-Vesica Gallery Hosted by Art Wanted.com

Visit Allison L. Williams Hill's In-Vesica Gallery Hosted by Art Wanted.com

T-shirt comprised of the Washington Monument; moon phases, and an eclipse. Products of expressions make great gifts all day; all week; all year at the

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I wrote 66 Hobbies and Craft Niche Ideas for hobby enthusiasts. The activities were organized according to personality. These can be done "for the love of" or to expand them into small businesses.  Take a look. The first ingredient: have fun!


When time permits, I intend to hold drawings to create 

  • an intuitive visionary healing tape, or
  • a soul life reading, or
  • an energy reading 

for the winners whose names are drawn for each. To enter, your name and email address will be required. It will be added to a mailing list to receive updates about In-Vesica. In-Vesica will post the art work on its web site and in other publications.  

The images will be displayed at In-Vesica  Art  Design  Energy and the In-Vesica Art Gallery.

Of course, I collect your email and, thereafter, you will receive periodic updates on In-Vesica - Art  Design Energy spiritual development; health coaching; energetic healing; art and design, when projects will be launched, and what I eat (I'm kidding!).

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