healing sanctuary design specialist helps to develop a symbiotic relationship between user and space. Whatever is occupied, a home, office, commercial or spiritual space, calm is created to restore the occupants to a quality state of being.

Another way of describing this interior design service is that we create environments that are conducive to tranquility. Sanctuary design reduces stress. You can create stress and not be aware of it. Worry; anxiety, and negative thoughts and feelings can contribute to the breakdown of the body from cancers and other diseases.

Spirit of the Island 1 Detail 3 by Allison L. Williams Hill

How the user moves through and uses space, the quantity of possessions, which are extensions of the user, create shape and flow within it. The kinds of spaces people inhabit from a corner with a bed, or a bed in the middle of a space with many beds, or a home, involve the state of mind in which they choose to be. While some are adept at focusing and actively achieving states of mind easily, others could use elements that support their efforts to maintain "the story".

The user's personal elements, natural additions, methods such as feng shui, geomancy, dowsing, and the use of sound and light in its multi-complex forms of color are used to optimize the power and quality of space. A change does not have to cost a small fortune. Existing elements can be reassigned and repositioned.

Surface and object colors are selected to perform. Colors should nurture, not "blast" with no other reason for existence other than to look good. An example is how paint colors are quite fashionable now. Design television shows are showing spaces painted chartreuse, vibrant orange, and gray. Colors appear to be selected according to the designer's choices for the users, not based on the color's effect on the users.

Color vibrancy affects the human psyche. As vertical walls are probably the largest surface mass within a space, chroma, saturation and value should be considered instead of just hue. Spatial occupancy is a necessary consideration when selecting colors.

Note hospital color schemes versus convention expositions. Hospitals are used for healing and for longer durations than an exposition where graphics and color displays are designed to excite and attract customers quickly.

Creating Sanctuary in an Urban Housing Project

Waiting rooms are green for a reason. The wonderful color additions of the sages, lovely greens that have degrees of gray, are appealing and soothing as well. These new colors imitate nature more accurately. Notice that a field of green flora is subdued. Deciduous trees have rich green colors, but the brightest, vibrant color is new growth only. Evergreens have a rich green, however, it is not overpowering. A black chain link fence "disappears" better than a silver or a green one because of grays and shadows among the leaves.

I grew up in an urban housing project. This particular one was ten storeys tall, composite brick exterior. Did you know that the Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal program  employed returning veterans from WWII? Can you visualize a ten storey building with nine apartments per floor totally encased with brick, small modular red units and imagine the hours it would take to construct it? The windows were single-glazed, each piece of glass was installed with putty on site! This was extremely labor-intensive. FDR put people to work. The housing projects were for the poor. Over time, as my family lived there, white families diminished. Black and brown families increased in population. The green hue used in these apartments' interiors, except for the kitchens and bathrooms that were painted yellow, was chosen to calm, pacify the users. Television shows used a calming green hue for their guest rooms.

Later, finding out that housing segregation, or redlining, was an institution started by FDR to control where certain people lived was stunning. Initially, people felt that was wrong and racist because certain people were "directed" into specific areas.  Formally enslaved Black people relocated from the south and brought their skills with them. Vacant land and coffee cans were used to grow food.  As a sanctuary specialist, there is the desire to engage one's spiritual nature wherever one is with what they have. Rather than growing up to "...move out of the ghetto", I advocate staying and beautifying, making the place one to enjoy being in indefinitely and not some place to run from. Make it beautiful. Learn to grow things so that the place grows the people.   

Studies document the best color choices for spatial use. Restaurant interiors apply orange on large, visible surfaces to stimulate consumption. Other palettes may have orange as an accent, cleverly applied to be in your field of vision when seated. This color may not be the best choice for a kitchen and a living room. However, if such a color is preferred, consider the amount of time used in the space.

Learn to grow things so that the place grows the people.

The Trio by Allison L. Williams Hill

Sanctuary and State of Mind

One's state of mind is important. Elements placed within space remind the user of "the story." Objects can be placed or constructed to trigger thoughts of intention in specific areas of the space. Everything does not have to be in plain sight. This is personal. As long as the user knows it exists, that is all that matters. The more spaces there are, the more opportunities there are to reinforce the intention in different ways. The objective is not to have a space to just look pretty. A space can look pretty, be inviting, and serve a greater purpose.

A review of a book contained the sentence that "Vastu shastra is more powerful than feng shui." Neither is more powerful than the other. It should be noted that both methods are the results of brilliance of two completely different cultures with different geological and geographical issues and challenges. Furthermore, there are more energy applications than these two, all born from cultures that recognized the necessity for balancing human needs with their environments. Whaf  makes them work is the intention of the user. This involves the Mind, the emotions and the feelings of the user. Without this, all of these systems are useless.  They organize what the applicant needs.

Sanctuary is a wonderful word because it suggests safety and serenity. Your place can be used to hole up and isolate from the world at large. You can also choose to create that which supports and enables you to energize to accomplish what you want and need to do.

Allison L. Williams Hill is an artist, designer, planner, Master Metaphysician, and Wholistic Health Coach. Her life and work acknowledge the interconnectedness of concepts that have been traditionally considered separate and irrelevant. She shares her work and services her web sites, including In-Vesica and


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