The robes are patterned after the yukatta, or traditional Japanese sleeping gown.

I saw this garment for the first time in several hotels in 1984 during an on-site sketch tour. We were able to keep the ones we received at the Myako Hotel in Tokyo.

I used that garment to create the pattern for these.

While Japanese yukattas are made from fabric with nature-inspired designs,

Inspiration from kimonos in a New Yorker magazine photo in 1985. Taken by Kaku Kurita.

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these robes are made in African, other ethnic, and abstract art fabric.

This garment can be used for

lounge wear,

evening wear, and


One (average) size fits all.

Cotton batik floral on black ground with oversized collar. Dry clean only. Price: $125.00.

Washable cotton yellow basket weave design. Price: $75.00

Washable red sunburst cotton print. Price: $75.00.

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