Photographs 2by Dr. Clement E. Hill, II

Thai Temple by Dr. Clement E. Hill, II

Dr. Clement E. Hill, II, took photographs during his time in Thailand during the Tet Offensive between 1967 to 1968.

He was enrolled in college, having transferred from an institution in the midwest to New York City. When the Draft Board called the dean in New York it was clear he was matriculated for the coming semester. The Draft Board's power was that he did not notify them.

Dr. Hill went to the Army Recruiting Office in White Plains to report. The recruiting officer said to him, "We got you!" He left and went to the Air Force recruiting office next door. The recruiting officer looked in his face, the only child, the only male child of a family, and said, "We are doing our part to cleanse the inner city."

Dr. Hill was stationed at an Air Force base in Thailand. The Veteran's Administration informed me that since he was in a non-combat zone he was not entitled to any benefits. The VA was more interested in my insurance coverage than in what they could do for him.

My husband limits what he shares with me about his time there. He did tell me about the huge amount of explosives the NVA planted at the base. The cache was found within two minutes of detonation. He remembers several attempts to destroy the base.

Weather manipulation was used during the conflict. My husband remembered it snowed for a period of time. The temperature, in this tropical zone, dropped to the 30s. Thailand does have mountains. The air force base was not located there. Soldiers were issued parkas. The natives were not. Several Thais died from the cold.

Dr. Hill went to visit this recruiting officer when he returned from Thailand. The officer was reassigned.

More images of realism and beauty that Dr. Hill thought to bring back with him will be shown soon.

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