Object 1Puzzle Box

The first object is the Puzzle Box, an invention that permits the user to assemble jigsaw puzzles anywhere the user is comfortable.

The assembler can take all or a part of a jigsaw puzzle anywhere, within a space or outdoors. Jigsaw puzzle lovers are not limited to sitting at a table.

The Puzzle Box holds the finished work in place on the assembly tray until it is slid to a larger surface containing the rest of the puzzle.

Designed in three sizes-

    5" x 7";

    8" x 10", and

    11" x 17"

- it can accommodate entire puzzles or as many pieces as the user wants, depending on the size and complexity of the puzzle. We are looking for a relationship to manufacture and distribute the Puzzle Box. For more information, contact us.

A Little History

The idea developed after my first spiritual journey to the U.K. when I attended the first Crop Circle conference.

I told my mother about walking the stone circles and crop circles. I mentioned how much of a puzzle they were.

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The word "puzzle" reminded my mother of a trip to a senior home in California for her best friend's mother while she was visiting. She lost interest in the process and saw a senior resident assembling a jigsaw puzzle on a table near a window. Mom asked for permission to join, he gave it, and she entered her bliss.

Memories of all of the jigsaw puzzles in various sizes came to mind; puzzles were always in the house.

Then it hit me: why, of all places, sunny California, was anybody assembling puzzles indoors?!

The object began to unfold in Mind. I reran how it was to work and the pieces developed into what is presented here.

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