Nature I

he Nature II image was done on 20" x 30" illustration board with charcoal. It was copied from a brilliant and rich color photograph of a forest floor.

Closeups of dew drops on leaves disappear in this chiaroscuro I loved doing.
To select what is black or white depending on shade, according to the
definition, is done without regard to color. However, I found that it is precisely based on color and light that determines if the image makes sense when it is viewed. Chiaroscuro is a sharp contrast of light and dark. Colors are light and dark. Maybe it's me.

Nature I by Allison L. Williams Hill

I was on the floor in the patches of darkness. I imagined what was in there, deeper in the flora. At the time this was done, I remembered my earth science classes, which I loved, and our dependence on flora. At night, they release oxygen. Several decades later in the British Virgin Islands, I reviewed what I learned online. In the sixties, the process, I think, was called the night cycle. In the 2000s, the process was called the absence of light  cycle.

Knowledge is always reviewed, always growing. In those patches of darkness, recent studies revealed how trees talked to one another, how the low growth plants and mushrooms communicated with each other. A community of individuals lived together. They are stationary. They cannot relocate if they cannot stand each other, like people. But that is not a disadvantage: the knowledge, the  safety within these areas of support and protection is unsurpassed. And it all happens in the silence.
This was fun. It was simple.


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