arion Zimmer Bradley's story of Morgaine's process in creating Arthur's scabbard was a little similar to how I create the hybrid sweaters. Her writing of Morgaine's process in creating King Arthur's scabbard was detailed. In later years, as I attempted to express how I create my art, clothing, and the hybrid sweaters, I found Morgaine's process to be a little similar.

Morgaine was entranced as she applied needlework, symbols, as one whispered enchanting spells to protect Excalibur's owner, her brother Arthur. She pricked her finger, cast spells, as the blood drops saturated the fabric. Morgaine embossed symbols along the scabbard's length, symbols of strength; courage; power, and protection from death.

I enjoy making the French cords with my little mechanical machine. After I create the body, I weave the cords through to form patterns. I do not need a needle until I have determined if I used the appropriate amount of cords.

I view the garment as having positive and negative spaces. As the garment develops, I have a grand, enjoyable time laughing at the weirdness because it is so different. My wish as I create these, and all other projects, is that the wearer enjoys them.

Shadows are prominent; the look of the "fabric" is a macro-example of a weave. The horizontal or the vertical is expressed. The tactile nature of these may remind one of cables because of the three dimensional aspect. But cables are static, patterns that do not change. I place Celtic knots, twists among or on the cords where my senses direct me. The thickness of the cords, the threading through the crocheted form possesses a sensuousness that demands to be touched.

Nature I by Allison L. Williams Hill

In The Mists of Avalon, nature energies were respected but were slowly being replaced by ordered religion. The Beltane ceremony that put Arthur and Morgaine together, was a ritual that was frowned upon by the Church. The Church's influence was gaining strength in erecting barriers to places beyond the mists, where time stood still and one was always happy and at peace, known only by gifted people who possessed the power to gain entry.

I drew images of clothing that enhanced the sensory web. I believe the body is within Mind, not the Mind is within the body. The Mind, it is agreed to by many, is not limited to the brain. The "sixth sense", intrusion into personal space are signs of the Mind at work.

Regarding personal space: the three foot circumference around the body is the distance psychologists have determined through study that an American born person remains comfortable. Move within that space and the person seeks to distance him or herself from the "invader".

Though the elements of the garment were still within Mind, that is close to the body, it is supposed to give the illusion of heightened sensitivity.

In those days, faeries and gnomes were offices, committed guardians to protect paganistic, sacred rites and natural settings. The definition of "pagan" means "of or in nature."

The Forgotten Mage, an excellent book by C.F.R. mentioned that the Church, in its bid for more power and to crush anything that threatened this, reduced these beings to the small, dismissive fantasy figures written in children's stories.

I AM a Pagan. I worship within nature; God is Here, wherever I AM. S/He surrounds me, penetrates me, binds me.

Also called the Force, it is perceived as male because male energy is action. It does. And again, it is nurturing, meditative, feminine energy. It is androgynous, both and the same.

Solomon moved organized worship indoors. My education discussed Jesus not ever wanting a religion to be named after him, but he wanted the work to progress.

He worked among the people where his journeys brought him, and among the disciples who were as fearful of his abilities as the people, to help us understand that we "...thirst within a desert that is not there."

Jesus was a man after all. The Council of Nicaea should be acknowledged for raising his stature beyond the grasp of the common human to insure their position between God and people, and power. The deception worked for centuries. But the Truth is in the Light now.

Morgaine used her love, the power of her mind, and the availability of what existed: Nature. How different was that from what Jesus was about?

God was, is, and forever will be in all things.


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