Marine Woman

he "Marine Woman" soft pastel image of an extraterrestrial called "Marine Woman" on charcoal paper "became." I picked up blue and continued working with it.  I "saw" the colors in mind and transferred them to the paper.

I was not conscious of what was developing.  I just kept placing color. "She" appeared.  Her eyes were unusual but she can see, she assured me. The energy below her to the left appeared playful, one she knew very well. There is another energy at the left of the drawing that looked reptilian. The male to her right looked up and not at them.  I rendered him differently because I "found" him in the "blue", something he was a part of.  He was not as prominent as she was.

Creating this was a beautiful experience.

Marine Woman by Allison L. Williams Hill

What Is Psychic Art?

Psychic art involves entering a meditative state and communicating with Spirit. Similar to channeled writing, A form of psychic art, Entura or "enter the aura" art is automatic and uses color. There is little "thinking" involved. Art itself uses the left brain for technique and psychic art requires none of this knowledge. In fact, the beauty of this is that no prior art experience is necessary. I use this process to create two-dimensional work for meditation and appreciation.

Entura art, a unique drawing technique was so named and is being taught by Patricia Hayes, founder of Delphi University of Spiritual Studies in McCaysville, Georgia. Ms. Hayes was the personal assistant to Arthur Ford. She is a gifted spiritual channel and has spent almost 50 years teaching people to develop their spiritual abilities.

Entura means "enter the aura". A person accesses the subtle energy plane and the feelings sensed from there take on form and color. Using meditation and writing, the drawing is interpreted for its use of color, shapes, and images that appear.

Entura art can:

    Answer questions, and

    Assist you in deepening to find answers within yourself.

Entura art is an interesting and exciting way to connect with the multiple levels of our being. The interpretation of the image could provide relevant messages and can be used for meditation. I would be happy to create an image for you based on a question or on your energy reading. Other images are displayed at the In-Vesica Art Gallery hosted by Art

As with all intuitive orders, Soul Portraits will be meditated on and created in the order the request was received. I suggest you email me first at In-Vesica contact form below to see what orders are in place before you order.
I can inform you of approximately how long it will take to develop the portrait. Once payment is received, you will be told, via email, of the finish date and when it will be digitally available.

This work is a little different. I feel that I am in communication with these beings. We talk mentally, but I do that with Spirit. It all depends on how you define what is "alive." Work in this sphere has been limited; Christinity, religion, in general, stifled all discussion on life-after-death, or life beyond this planet. It is with the efforts of many, many individuals throughout history who withstand the shaming and ridicule and defend their beliefs and experiences. More people are coming forward not only thinking and accepting but speaking out about these issues. It was the same with freedom in the United Sates of America.  What the founding fathers went through was amazing.  The same was true of what enslaved people of African descent when through and continue to go through to stand in our own power.

An episode of Star Trek:TNG, speculative fiction but valid, questioned what is considered life. The episode reflected what humans do: evaluate life using ourselves as the yardstick. No episode, and I don't recall any show, or anything popular, that questions what is life as far as our existence is concerned. What happens after the body ceases to function? People who remembered their experiences wrote books about this subject. Arthur Ford, after his transition, has been in my life through mediums. Joan Grant, whose books I appreciate, wrote about her previous lives.  I accept that we are spiritual beings regardless of what species we exist as. I communicate with beings on a spacecraft called The Ring. They are here.


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