Light Festivals

he Light Festivals display show what people, who made the time to display  lights for the holidays. Thank you for Easter, Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, and Diwali. Lights are magnificent and to see them during the evening is a wonderful thing. I watched the lighting in many places, the colors and the new "white lights."

Planet Earth at night, 2007

Manhattan, New York City at night

Christmas Light Festivals

It is interesting to walk over or ride through social blocks (both sides of a physical road) and see the creative expressions.

Many homeowners continue to display their work individually. In 2020, there were many homes that did not display or displayed minimally.

VA, Christmas

Christmas lights on Long Island in New York

Tree covered nicely in Richmond. This one and the one below from two different places, are perfect physical points of reference for residences and travelers.

I took a third shot of this tree that did not turn out well. It was taken at an intersection on the other side of this physical block. It was that bright such that it was a treat to be able to see it through the trees on the properties between it and the other social block. Really nice!

As I walked in front of this home, it was wonderful to see all of the details this family made the time to include. You can't help but smile when you keep walking and see "Merry Christmas" greet you above the door. Well, Hey! I smiled!

Seeing a home like this is a treat. As I approached it from the right, more lights, more trees, more objects were well placed. I smiled as I walked around this house. The owners really worked on this property. Thank you.

Display on Long Island, NY

This was the best lighting, over a road on Manhattan a block across from Alvin Ailey. The social block's buildings decided on a display that hung lights over the road. Some apartment windows had displays. The feeling of walking under these lights was amazing.

Halloween Light Festivals

Easter Light Festivals

Suggestions for Light Festivals

During winter 2014-2015, I took the bus round trip to the Regional Medical Center where Clem was in ICU. It got to  a point that the person who was driving me was too costly. 

I looked at the Christmas lights as the bus drove through. The street face had various light levels. Some were brilliant. Some others "threw up" stuff that barely did the home-front justice. And there were punches of complete darkness in the face that were dismal.

I thought of an idea that could create a "Unified Front of Cheer."   The people on the social block would come together, decide on a theme and design the lighting to express that theme. This should produce a consistent level of lighting that the creators and the observers can enjoy. A minimal amount of material and installation would be accepted among the participants. Document the process and share it on social media. This account invites people to come and enjoy the work of residents. This activity can be a collective way of spreading holiday cheer. 


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