Barbara Pyndell

 met Barbara Pyndell when she and her late husband visited her sister, Jennifer on Tortola. Jennifer brought them to our house. I go to know the creative genius of this woman during my stay in Virginia.

"Bobby" made this  mask for her daughter's Halloween costume.

Bobby worked for a man as a tailor after learning how to sew. She became a seamstress for a costume company. Bobby had the experience of fitting BD Wong for Madame Butterfly" production in South Korea. She fitted Kelsey Grammar for the play_.

Bobby had the opportunity to work with Avery Brooks for his series "A Man Called Hawk." She worked at the Kennedy Center when _____ was being honored.


This is the ___________ costume Bobby created for one of her great-grandsons.

That's just the tip of this woman's experience. She continues to sew. She shared that sewing gives her joy. Bobby shared what she saw on television about a man who purchased a farm, a big difference from what he did for a living. He said that he enjoyed his work but his farm gives hm joy.  It's nice when you life can come together like that.

Unique Wedding Dresses

I had the privilege to work on this art-to-wear wedding dress.  Bobby realized her vision in steps. The bride, needless to say, was over the moon when she saw it.

Bobby cut out flowers and placed them on the skirt. The appliques gave a three-dimensional look to the dress.

The bride was walked down the aisle by her brother, a soldier in the Marines.

Artistic Pursuits

Bobby's inspiration for the pillow above was a gift she received from a friend. She has a collection of fabrics from the world over - Kente; sari fabric and others that she saw would make wonderful accent pieces.

Below was a wall hanging a friend entered into a contest. Bobby won third place.

A Contest of Monsters

Bobby takes care of children. Her great-grandsons and another child who calls her Gramma Bobby made the Play Doh creatures. She texted the images for a vote. In her eyes and she told them, "...all of you were winners."

Bobby put up the Christmas tree in 2021 in the evening and early morning around taking care of kids and other duties. I wanted to take at least one image before she took it down. Her mother's and uncles' altars are in the cabinet behind it.

That's what artists do  - sleep among their work.

Another Barbara Pyndell

These are satin sleeping masks with matching pillow cases in a drawstring bag. These felt great, totally shutting out light, and looked absolutely glamorous. Call Bobby for her prices and availability.  

Bobby's Business

Bobby's work is successful that word-of-mouth has produced a nice clientele. Her work is also on Etsy under Miss Sew and Sew. 


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