66 Hobby and Craft Niche Ideas

he “66 Hobby and Craft Niches Ideas” offers you ideas for loving the ability to create and engaging others in what you enjoy doing.

The ability to create is awesome and wonderful.  The ideas within "66 Hobby and Craft Niches Ideas”, some are new and some are expansions on existing ones, may stimulate you to develop them into exciting businesses.
Hobbies and crafts are separated into four sections:

  • Group Dynamic looks at structured walks that educate, inform, and entertain;

  • Hands-On includes activities that are physical;

  • Instruction shares ideas about hobbies and crafts that require knowledge, techniques that are specific, and

  • Solitude is used to classify hobbies and crafts that you can do alone with the greatest pleasure or include others if you wish.

I look at these ideas in a different way, from dismal to amusing, to create new, exciting ways to use leisure time and possibly to profit from it.   

You can become a specialist with traditional and non-traditional abilities.  Your love of people can also lead you to a rewarding hobby or craft niche.  

Nature I by Allison L Williams Hill


“Let’s Define “Hobby” and “Craft”, Shall We?”

We begin here:

The word “hobby” comes from a Middle English word “hobi” meaning small horse. 

The word is defined in Webster’s dictionary as “a specialized pursuit that is
outside of one’s regular occupation and that one finds particularly interesting
and enjoys doing in a nonprofessional way as a source of leisure-time relaxation.”   

 “Craft” is simply defined as “made by hand.”

All of the suggestions in this ebook can be pursued as activities done for simply the pleasure of doing. If you feel the desire to start an activity to which you give time when you wish, you may find it listed here.  However, several of them can be endorsed as occupations in themselves.   Registering as a business, maintaining accurate records, paying sales and other taxes are the other aspects of developing a business that are not addressed.

Some of the activities can be used to create income; others are suggested for the pleasure of serving others. You may find a hobby that inspires you or you are proficient in.

If you have developed the skill to produce a product in a reasonable amount of time to fulfill orders, excellent.  Or, if the act of creating or serving helps you to learn about yourself, perfect a skill or an attribute like artistry; patience; humility, or 

Different selling words to use in your marketing materials and sales letters are suggested in “Advertising: Conveying Feelings about the Hobby or Craft.”

Table of Contents

Group Dynamic 1

Group Dynamic 2

Hands-On Activities 1

Hands-On Activities 2




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I wrote 66 Hobbies and Craft Niche Ideas for hobby enthusiasts. The activities were organized according to personality. These can be done "for the love of" or to expand them into small businesses.  Take a look. The first ingredient: have fun!


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